Traditional Area Rugs – Best Rugs to Buy in USA

If you are looking to bring warm and royal environment into your home then a Traditional Rug is the ideal choice. We at The Rug Mall provide with the biggest selection of traditionally styled carpets in rich colors, classic designs and patterns. Our home are our castles and designing them with traditional area rugs imparting historic royal skin is a great choice. Traditional rugs add great impact to your floors and to the hearts of buyers who love good design and geometrical and tribal patterns like diamond or a circle. Buying a Traditional rug is an investment, experts say. The quality and price varies widely.

Benefits of Traditional Rugs

A Traditional Rug gives you a desirable uniform look to your rooms. Uniquely designed contract carpet has the extra benefit of a totally personalized touch given to your carpeting, eliminating the possibility of a one-size-fits-all feel to your room. Each room will seem like it was especially designed with your unique needs and purposes in mind.

Benefits of custom designed Traditional rugs:

You'll receive a personalized and unique design process through custom carpet creators, setting these rugs apart from all others you'll have a wealth of color choices ranging from soothing blues like Pacific, Slate or Waterfall, or even nature-inspired color choices like natural, earth tones, sand, granite, stone and number. Material choices are made from wool, linen or jute, or from trendier materials like aloe or exotic silk. The idea is always to choose your ideal rug to come as closely as possible to the vision you have for your rooms. Every room has a personality that can be expressed with smart choices from well-made traditional rug.

Choose wisely and you will love the look for years to come?

When you've made a smart, functional choice in hospitality carpet or contract carpet, you'll be satisfied that you've gotten the most original and unique carpet you can for your rooms. Quality in traditional rugs is always found when you choose designers who have total control over the rug making process. Rug experts advice that the thing to look for when judging a rug's quality is the intricacy of pattern, quality of wool/silk used, whether it is antique and the tightness of the weaves. The biggest mistakes buyers commonly do while choosing a rug is not knowing the difference between a handmade or machine made rug, another is choosing the size of the rug perhaps there is no rule for that but the rug must be placed under the seating area only not under the furniture completely.

Have a Style like this!

Take a swatch or cushion cover with you to match. A large rug acts as an anchor in a room, bringing a sense of unity. If you are attempting to break up a room, a number of smaller rugs can define different areas subtly but effectively, particularly in an open-plan space.

A multicolored rug can bring together a variety of accents, while a statement rug in one bold color can transform a room in an instant. Dyes can be vegetable-based or chemical. Chemical dyes tend to be stronger and offer colors that vegetable-based dyes do not - purple in particular. A more neutral design that will blend seamlessly into the space giving an overall tranquil appearance.

If you have two sofas then the traditional rug needs to be evenly positioned between them ñ it should be an equal distance from each sofa ñ not 10cm in front of one and 20cm in front of the other. If it doesn't work equally then it's the wrong-sized rug for this particular space. Aim for symmetry.

A rug is the best tool to zone a space in an open-plan area, whether you're defining space for a living, family or dining area. If you're zoning the dining area (or if you're putting a rug in your dining room), choose one that's big enough for the table and all the chairs to sit entirely on top."

In a small space, I like the rug to sit in front of a sofa, so there is a narrow strip of floor showing ñ this makes the room appear lighter and more spacious. This also gives you visual separation between the sofa and side tables ñ try a couple of these instead of a coffee table, as you'll be able to see more of your traditional rug.

With a modular sofa, measure the space for the traditional rug carefully ñ a standard-sized rug is 230cm by 160cm and that's a really difficult match for a modular as it can fall short either side. A custom rug is a better bet. A big rug makes a large open space feel more intimate by connecting all the elements.

Why Traditional Rugs?

The traditional rugs are proved to suit best because of the ultimate geometrical patterns. Their quality along with the finishing design add a sense of desire into them. The best party about them is the smell of royalty that they bring with historic touch of emotions.

Creating Feelings of Tranquility within your Space

An authentic traditional rug is renowned for creating an aura of soothing tranquility in any space it's featured in. Since rugs are crumpled and twisted during the process of creating the type of Shibori rug San Francisco decorators choose most often, every rug is guaranteed to be a true original. No two rugs are ever exactly alike. This adds to the allure and mystique of the true Japanese Shirbori techniques used to fashion these unique rugs.

How to maintain the charm of a traditional rug?

Beating your rug is just another mistake we all done, Our experts recommend vacuuming your fine carpet with an adjustable head vacuum cleaner being sure to stay clear of the edges and fringe so as not to damage the ends. It is important not to use a vacuum head that "digs" into the wool pile or is too aggressive as this will pull out wool over time. The idea is to do regular vacuuming to get the top layer of dirt away until you call us for heavy dusting and hand washing. Rotate your rug regularly. Never use a commercial stain remover for handmade rugs. For minor spills use a white cloth, warm water and a gentle detergent; the type you'd use on a cashmere jumper. A light dabbing (rather than scrubbing) on the localized stain normally does the trick. We recommend a local rug cleaner or restorer. If in doubt, always ask a professional. For spills on a silk rug, clean it immediately and rub a lemon on the stain. Clean it with a wet cloth. Handmade hand-knotted rugs need washing (depending on the traffic) yearly. Never give it to a dry cleaner. Always go for oriental carpet washers. Sun damage shouldn't be an issue with a quality carpet made using fine dyes, although some fading over many years in direct sunlight should be expected.

As we mentioned earlier, you should vacuum your rug NOT more than TWICE a month to keep it looking new. Just make sure your vacuum does not have a beater bar or you turn it off.

Breaking the thinking of unstylish

Some modern fellow seems to doubt about the traditional rugs for being stylish, as they have a historic touch over them. But that's not true at all, traditional rugs being historic on one hand also have the smell of Royalty. The color combination of a traditional rug with classic patterns witness the best design over there. They are not funky and eye biting but being a simply weaved rich in culture and deemed with prestigious aura. The Heritage Collection of traditional area rugs brings classic styling, plush textures and a rich color palette to home decor. Hand-tufted using 100% pure wool and designed with timeless motifs that create a sophisticated look in any room of the home or office.

We've Got your Decorations Covered :)

The Rug Mall carries traditional rugs from over a wide variety of leader Mills all over the world, innovating design with a beautiful touch of Old-School craftsmanship.They are reinventing traditional rugs in fashion-forward ways that make them feel less country and more up-to-date. So, let's grab a few!