Oval Area Rugs – Best Rugs to Buy in USA

The shape oval area is introduced in the evolution of rugs as the ideal rug must be over the empty area but at the same time not under the furniture, expert's says. If you are searching for that special rug which not only look good but adds that special aura to your home/office in viewer's perspective then you must check them out.

Oval area rugs are best suited to office, here's why?

Most of the offices are so made that they serve as an impressive effect to the eye of their visitor/client and behold their mood to fresh every time, oval area rugs do this job perfectly. Other reason being the compatibility, the requirement of an office rug is to have a designer look and being sober but not heavy. For an office rug nothing should be chosen but an oval area rug.

Oval rug is not round!

An oval area rugs serve many purposes unlike a round one, because of their rectangle like shape from the body edges and having a smooth oval finish at the corners they perfectly cover the broaden part of your room/office and also look satisfying. The round and oval area rugs look similar but serve completely different purposes. Oval area rugs are known to fit any place of any shape and size and are available in a number of different sizes.

Things to check on

The design and durability of a rug depends on the process through it is manufactured and weaved. Here is a list to distinguish them on the basis of manufacturing technique.

Tufted Rugs

The majority of rugs you see on the market today are tufted rugs. Easy to produce, rug makers punch wool and other materials through a special backing. Once the designer finishes with the desired pattern, the creator affixes a strong material to the back of the rug to provide extra strength.

Knotted Rugs

Created either by hand or by machine, these oval area rugs come in an array of patterns and styles. Machine-knotted rugs will have more limitations on style and color than hand-knotted rugs.

Woven Rugs

One of the oldest types of oval area rugs, the woven rug takes shape on a loom. You can purchase either loop-pile or cut-pile constructions.

Embroidered Rugs

The techniques used to create embroidered oval area rugs have also been around for centuries. Rug makers hand-stitch patterns on linen or cotton backing.

Rag rugs

Choose from hooked rag rugs, which have a looped appearance or looser tufted styles. Both are made by inserting strips of cloth or recycled rags through a hessian back cloth. They tend to be good value and it's easy to make a small one yourself at home, if you like.

Braided, coiled and crocheted

This takes in a wide range of styles, from cute cotton mats for children's rooms to sophisticated hemp rugs. They're usually round or oval in shape and have a rustic, handmade feel.

Hair on Hide rugs

Hair on hide rugs are hand crafted by skilled articians to create an elegant, organic and contemporary look with natural texture this type of rug showcases a sophisticated color palette and is unique.

Natural Fibre rugs

These rugs bring an organic look and neutral texture in the flat weave to any setting. These type of oval rugs are natural choice for adding a casual look to classic living and family rooms or relaxed kickback feel to the weekend cottage, the collection is woven in interesting pattern by craft men whoose rug weaving skills have been handed down for generations.

The pile height or thickness of oval area rugs

Flat 0 - 0.25"
Thin 0.25 - 0.5"
Medium 0.5 - 1"
Thick 1+"

Other Benefits of an Oval area Rug

Beside the usefulness of oval area rug discussed earlier there are many things which made us choose them like, the sizes you can choose from are 3X5 3X7 5X7 8X10 6X10. The 3X5 is more like a round (not exactly) and the 6X10 is more like a long almost rectangular piece. These serve different purposes according to one's need.

A budget one Oval area rugs are not cheap but their starting amount is much lower than others. If you are looking for a stylish one you can go for more costlier one.

Best Place to Put your Oval area Rug

To look the perfectly sized an area rug should not cover the entire floor, at least 18 inches of exposed flooring should peek out around the room's perimeter. You may not want a side table or buffet sitting on the rug. Considering these factors create a painter's tape template on the floor around the table to get an idea of how the rug will fit. If it seems appropriately sized, go ahead and use it with your table.

Do follow these if you don't want to let go the oval area rug you spend a lot of time selecting

  • The rug must be vacuumed but not more than twice a month to keep it alive.
  • Although sun damage is not a problem with quality rugs but you must not keep them in direct sunlight for more than 40 minutes.
  • Before washing always cut the stretched threads.
  • Though your pet is your best friend but their hair disturb a lot the body of your rug, to stay on safe side use a professional rug cleaner solution while washing.
  • Do not beat your rug.
  • Use rug swatches to best maintain your quality rugs.
  • Other techniques like carpet shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction cleaning may be used.

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