Contemporary Area Rugs - Best Rugs to buy in USA

Much like today, the rugs created 100 years ago were designed to satisfy the individual's contemporary style. Rug makers had no idea that the designs and colors, meant for their current customers, would become the antique rugs we now value so dearly. And so, the prize antique rugs of today are really just coincidences of decorative taste! Is your living room in dire need of a style update? Is your bedroom or dining decor screaming out for a splash of color and a dash of character? Transforming a room from drab to fab doesn't have to take a lot of work or time. The answer could be right in front of you. Perfect for an instant refresh and for creating that 'wow' factor, the addition of a stylish rug will bring texture and color to any interior.

Modern Rugs are transforming your home. Living Room Alive is a new concept that is arising, where contemporary rugs are slowly becoming ever more important in a home design. The connection of contemporary rugs and design are becoming more relevant, as interior designers are looking to bring more art expressing elements into their design. Perhaps no room in the home is more emblematic of mid-century modern design spaces than the living room, and boundless examples of mid-century modern living rooms with requisite furnishings and accessories are available. Countless styles of quality contemporary rugs and modern rugs are available, created using the traditional fine art of rug making, but utilizing modern designs.

The question is how to marry a beautifully crafted contemporary rug with a mid-century modern style living room. Here are some thoughts to bear in mind when making your choice of a fine contemporary rug for your modern decor:

Prefer Quality

Put aside the design and color of the rug, and look first the quality and beautifully made rugs.

Have a eye on Antique Designs

Mid-century modern style harkens back to the earlier and simpler tribal or nomadic designs. These rugs, with simple, graphic designs and brighter colors, are quite compatible with modern design.

Stick with Design Basics

There are certain rules that apply to choosing a rug, which depends on wide variety of factors ranging from furniture to different appliances, color, etc. Therefore, stick with Design Basics of Rugs.

More on Color

Because color has such a profound impact in the feel of a room, it's a topic that deserves close attention in planning an interior space, including while choosing a rug. Mid-century colors usually blend darker, neutral tones with bright or deep accent hues.

Cleaning Contemporary area rugs

  • Vacuum your area rugs just as often as you vacuum your carpet or sweep your hard floors. Be careful not to suck up any rug fringe with the vacuum as this could damage the fringe.
  • Brush out any hair. Whether it's hair on a bathroom rug or pet hair on the living room area rug it's possible that the vacuum will miss the hair.
  • Rotate the area rugs a couple of times per year. Traffic and sunlight can add more stress on them which could wear out one side of the rug before the other.
  • If you have smaller rugs, take them out back and give them a good shake to remove the dirt and grime.

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