8' x 10' Area Rugs - Best Rugs to Buy in USA

Besides all the interior of the house, it’s essential to select an appropriate area rug for your home according to your choice, color, and size. An 8 x 10 Area Rug size is the common rug to place anywhere in the house. Now, whether it’s a Living room, Dining room, Foyer, Kitchen or Bedroom. The Rug Mall provides an outstanding range of 8 x 10 area rugs to choose from, you can put filters like style, color and brand to make your shopping easy and budget-friendly.

About 8' x 10' Area Rugs

Best places to put 8 x 10 Area Rug:

A large area rug is an important part to furnish a home. Area rugs work best for the students living in the hostels and even you can also use the area rugs in the big halls at your home as they allow you to personalize your area without making changes to the permanent interior of your house.

8 x 10 area rug can be placed in these places in your house:

  • Foyer: The doorway is the place where guests step inside your home. The rug which placed in front of the doorway should match the style of interior used in your home. The area rug place in front of the door should be inexpensive as this is the high- traffic area. The rug must be elegant plus good to go with.

  • Living Room: The 8x10 area rugs can be used under the couch and coffee table. The area rug is big enough to keep all the stuff of the living room on it without making it overcrowded.

  • Dining Room: For about 6 people can sit easily onto the 8x10 area rug. The area rug will be placed under the main dining table on which one can feel the pleasant underfoot area.

  • Kitchen: The large area rug keeps the cold tiles warm in the kitchen and it also holds the ambiance of the place.

  • Bedroom: 8x10 area rugs can be perfect for king or queen size beds. You can also put runner rugs at both ends of the bed if 8x10 size is not enough to cover your area.


Uses of 8 x 10 Area Rug:

There are so many ways to use the rug instead of using it on the floor. If you’ve purchased any low- price area rug from the sale or store, there are lots of cool ways that you could use to look your home more beautiful and funky:

  • Upholstery: One can use any decorative area rug on a chair, sofa, couch. This is the best way to give your piece of furniture a new look in minimum expenses.

  • Wall Backdrop: If you are having 8x10 area rug unused in your home with a bold geometrical pattern and great colors on it. You can treat time like a wall art. Hang those pieces of rugs where you are having a big empty wall in your home. You can also use this area of yours as your photo shoot background.

  • Make a stylish pillow: Small thin rugs are just perfect to make a statement- pillow cover. Fold the rug in half, insert a pillow and now stitch it to close the ends. If you don’t have the sewing skills, you can stick the ends by fabric glue and then it’s done!

  • Use as throw: You can use lightweight rugs as a throw on your sofa or bed.

  • Exercise/ Yoga Mat: Who would like to have a simple spongy yoga mat when you can try some area rugs to make your workout more pleasant and wonderful. It will not only motivate you but also adds some experience emotionally and aesthetically. Be the envy in your workout session class. Who would mind practicing yoga in style.

  • Dress up a table: Plain blankets have become quite popular to use it on the top of the table instead of table cloth. Why can’t rugs be too?? A beautifully designed lightweight area rug can be your tablecloth for your next dinner or lunch party.

  • Soundproof doors: Why adjust for plain boring look interior doors?? When you can go with a decorative rug. It’s a perfect way to keep your rooms and office soundproof.
  • Pet beds: Make a semi- glamourous bed for your pet with the 8 x 10 area rug as your base material. To add variety stitch two or three rugs, fill them with stuffing and then shut it.

  • Picnic rug: You can use your area rug as a picnic rug. Bring a basket of your favorite food, carry drinks and spend your lovey day beside a river and alluring nature.


8 x 10 Area Rug Maintenance:

Smart, regular care, and maintenance can keep your space rugs look great, and your home will look as lovely, trendy and unique as ever. Check out the subsequent recommendation and be a little smarter about classy, colorful and fascinating, 8x10 area rugs.

Some common points for area rug maintenance:

  • You should sweep or vacuum your area rugs to keep them neat and clean.
  • Depending upon the traffic, rotate your rug 180 degrees in every 4-5 months, or every year.
  • To keep the pile evenly all parts of the area rug should be defined to an equal amount of traffic.
  • If anyone spilled water on the rug dry it immediately with a hairdryer.
  • Depending on the 8x10 area rug traffic. Make sure you should get washed your rug by a professional in every 3 to 5 years.
  • Never take your area rug to normal carpet-cleaning companies.
  • Consult with your retailer about the proper padding to be placed under your rug.
  • Vacuum and broom the rug, if your area rug is stored in a place where there is no exposure of light and air for a long time.


Spot and spill procedures:

Keep in mind that you immediately clean up the spots and spills before they set permanently on the rug.

  • Don't brush the spot first. Absorb the rug in a liquid by blotting with a clean absorbent material.
  • Then clean the spot with a gentle detergent-white vinegar-water solution. Do not over wet the area rug.
  • Rinse the area rug with water and a little quantity of vinegar. Try not to wet your rug by its back side.
  • Blot dry until most of the wetness has been absorbed.
  • A fan or cool blow drier is used to hasten the drying method.
  • For stains that do not come out by washing them off, ask our specialists to clean it up.


How to store your 8 x 10 area rugs safely:

  • First vacuum your area rug if you are going to store it for a long time without exposure to air or light.

  • After vacuuming your area rug put mothballs and sometimes you can also use tobacco to protect them from an insect. They can harm your rugs badly.

  • Place the mothballs in the centre of your 8 x10 rug and roll it off tight by giving it cylinder- like shape.

  • After wrapping it up, safely store the area rug in a dry location.

Best 8 x 10 Area Rug Material for your home:

Figuring out what furnishings material is best for your 8x10 area rug is important. It’s vital to consider how space will be used, what kind of traffic it will receive, and how much comfort you desire. The material of your area rug always completes the look of your space.

Whether you like a floor covering with decadent shag pile for lounging barefoot in the lounge, a durable outdoor rug for warm nights on the terrace, or something in between, there's a floor cover material that's excellent for the work. Selecting the most effective rug for you will depend on the rug’s placement and purpose. If you’re purchasing on a budget for a durable rug, search for artificial fibers like polypropylene. Listed below are well-liked area rug, where the rugs work best in your home, and what sort of care they will need, so you can opt for the proper one for your desires.

Here are the most commonly used fabrics for area rugs:

  • Wool Area Rugs: Created by the fleece from sheep, wool is one of the most the softest floor covering materials. The wool fiber is soft and sturdy, these wool area rugs are just excellent for busy rooms. It should be no surprise that wool is one of the foremost durable carpet choices available in the market and is the most popular rug choice among householders. It's an extremely versatile fiber that dyes simply and permits for an endless amount of color choices whereas holding its look for an extended amount of time. Keep them off from the direct sunlight, as sunlight can make the texture dull after some time. Living rooms, Hallways and High- traffic areas are the best to put them. Regularly clean the woolen area rug by vacuum cleaning.

  • Cotton Area Rugs: Cotton area rugs are the most affordable in all the fabrics. They are popularly known for its coolness and breath-ability. This fiber is cultivated from cotton plants. They are durable and can be washed easily in the washing machine. They look casual and just because of their low price, they are the first choice for the busy families. The cotton area rugs are not always good to go for a long run. Kitchen and Kids room are the best preferable places to put them.

  • Silk Area Rugs: The 8x10 silk area rugs are produced by the silkworms. They are luxurious, lustrous and are adorned for the softness and subtle sheen. The silk are rugs are delicate and better for low- traffic areas, the wool rugs are the best suitable combination with silk ones. Silk rugs must be cleaned professionally. And bedrooms are the best places to place them.

  • Viscose Area Rugs: The viscose area rugs are made from the cellulose of the wood pulp and are man-made fabric. They are less expensive from silk but gives the high sheen like silk. To preserve their fibers they are cleaned very carefully. Try to avoid them from the liquid, it may harm their texture. They must be cleaned professionally. And due to low- traffic areas place them in the Bedrooms to give your room the elegant and classy look.

  • Jute and Sisal Area Rugs: Jute and Sisal are natural fibers that are spun together to create beautiful area rugs. They are the high durable rugs. These kind of area rugs are just perfect for casual sittings. But these rugs feel rough on your feet as compared to wool and cotton. Ones who are allergic to wool rugs can opt for Jute and Sisal Rugs. They absorb moisture quickly so, spills should be cleaned immediately. They can be placed in Living rooms with medium-traffic areas. Dry cleaning is often used to clean these kinds of area rugs.

  • Seagrass 8x10 Area Rugs: These area rugs are made from the natural fiber that grows in marshes. These rugs are smoother than sisal and jute and have the hard surface. These area rugs feel super comfortable under your feet and they won’t fade away in the sunlight. Vacuuming and dry-cleaning techniques are used to clean them. They can be placed in Living rooms, Dining rooms and even Kids rooms with medium-traffic areas.

  • Nylon Area Rugs: These rugs are manufactured fiber that can be transformed into many different colors and styles of rugs. You can clean them easily. And they work very durable and strong when used in high- traffic areas. The nylon area rugs appear silky which give them nice sheen look. They are often acid dyed. This may lead to fading and long-term problems. Nylon 8x10 rugs can be cleaned regularly by a vacuum cleaner. And are best placed for Kids and Living room.