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A room needs to reflect its owner’s personality. And what better way to add some signature of your style to your living room than with the premium rugs available here on But it’s also easy to get lost in the thousands of options available to choose from. For your convenience here are the top 10 Best Area Rugs for the Living Room in 2018. There are several different area rugs in our Store, these are the ones that stood out best from the rest. Here are the key options to choose from.


Amer Contemporary Kanoka KAN-30 Area Rug Collection

10. Amer Contemporary Kanoka KAN-30 Area Rug

The Kanoka Collection is a group of elegant tie dyed looped pile area rugs. Hand-tufted in India of blended New Zealand virgin Wool with highlights of Art silk (Viscose).

  • Tie-Dyed/Loop & Cut/Easy Care
  • Tie-Dyed
  • Loop & Cut
  • Easy Care

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Nourison Solid/Stripped Contour CON43 Area Rug Collection

9. Nourison Solid/Stripped Contour CON43 Area Rug

These beautiful, handcrafted rugs feature transitional and contemporary patterns in a rich color palette. Select designs have exquisite detail carved deeply into the dense, cut-and-loop pile for dramatic texture and striking contrast. This collection is simply beautiful to look at and enduring in quality. 100% Polyester • Hand Tufted A modern, minimalist design is finely hand carved into this marvellous hand tufted rug for an unsurpassed tone, texture and dimension. Its glowing shades of lush grey and splendid gold lend a timeless and awe-inspiring elegance to any interior.

  • Hand Tufted
  • 100% Polyester

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Nourison Traditional Nourison 2000 2292 Area Rug Collection

8. Nourison Traditional Nourison 2000 2292 Area Rug

Nourison’s signature handmade rug collection features traditional Persian and European designs, recreated in the luxurious texture of 100% New Zealand wool highlighted with subtle accents of pure silk. These extraordinary carpets are offered in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, including elegant rounds, high fashion ovals and, of course, a full assortment of standard area sizes and runners. Specially developed hand tufting techniques create a high-density pile that defines a new standard of beauty and sensual appeal for handmade carpets. Like the dance of the seven veils, this exquisite expression of traditional Persian patterning twists sinuously across a field of golden brown. Curved diamonds in alternating colours are filled with stylized flowers, sparkling in a king’s ransom of jewel-tones. A choice selection for the sophisticated collector.

  • Hand Tufted
  • 80% New Zealand Wool,
  • 20% Silk

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Nourison Animal Inspirations Skyland SKY05 Area Rug Collection

7. Nourison Animal Inspirations Skyland SKY05 Area Rug

This is a fantastic collection of contemporary and transitional designs ranging from primary stripes to intriguing textural floral to whimsical skins. Featuring exquisite patterns and meticulously hand carved to accentuate shape and create dimension in textures. Create an alluring focal point for any setting with these sophisticated and spectacular area rugs.100% Wool • Hand Tufted Jungle rhythms can be felt in the movement and lush texture of this gorgeous, tiger-inspired design. Its soft ivory ground and meticulous hand carving bring the rich, rust-orange pattern into high relief. Follow your animal instincts and add a touch of the wild to your home decor.

  • Hand Tufted
  • 100% Wool

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Nourison Solid/Stripped Aura AUR01 Area Rug Collection

6. Nourison Solid/Stripped Aura AUR01 Area Rug

This is a charming, captivating, classy and simply fabulous collection. Featuring a subtle blend of neutral hues, earth tones and texture, as well as a play on light and shadows. Add a wow factor to any interior with this fine selection of rugs. 100% Viscose • Handmade Set your room aglow with luminous striations of delicate amethyst in this utterly sophisticated expression of modern design. Unfussy, simple and elegant, its marvellous texture creates a subtle interplay of darker and lighter tones. A perfect complement to fine living.

  • Hand Loom Woven
  • 100% Lucxelle

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Barclay Butera Country and Floral Bbl16 Dynasty DYN03 Area Rug Collection

5. Barclay Butera Country and Floral Bbl16 Dynasty DYN03 Area Rug

Inspired by his many trips to the culture rich lands of the far East; Barclay is thrilled to introduce this remarkable collection of fine carpets with Nourison that are designed to add a bit of magic to any room setting from formal to casual. The Dynasty collection includes an array of rugs with all the colour and flavour of a fine Asian art collection. Each design is artfully crafted with rich heritage and significant symbolism of the great dynasties for which they represent. The Dynasty collection from Barclay Butera will be treasured additions for today’s environments and are surely destined to become tomorrow’s collector’s items. 80% New Zealand Wool 20% Nylon • Loom Woven • Hand Finished Imperial Midnight The bold, rich, midnight blue shades of this carpet are reminiscent of water moving in a cool koi pond in the courtyard of an ancient palace in China. The smoldering floral and phoenix design on this museum-worthy carpet will add drama and elegance to any room.

  • Machine Woven
  • 80% New Zealand Wool,
  • 20% Nylon

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Nourison Country and Floral Dune DUN02 Area Rug Collection

4. Nourison Country and Floral Dune DUN02 Area Rug

This magnificent collection is the perfect epitome of refined taste and luxury. The rugs are handmade of pure wool and features breathtakingly intricate Ikat patterns in unusual hues and tones. Fresh in design and concept, these rugs are a perfect way to make a statement and add an element of culture and sophistication to your interiors. 100% New Zealand Wool • Hand Knotted Based on ancient Persian traditions, Gabbeh tribal rugs feature geometric symbols that may tell a story, depict a scene or express an emotion. This richly patterned interpretation is made even more stunning by a gorgeous palette of cinnabar, cerulean blue, peach and moss.

  • A slim border contains its exuberance.
  • Hand Knotted
  • 100% New Zealand Wool

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Nourison Shag Escape ESCP1 Area Rug Collection

3. Nourison Shag Escape ESCP1 Area Rug

Escape to the future with a light, modern variation on classic shag carpeting! This exciting collection features a shorter pile that’s perfect for easy care and contemporary living. Wonderfully tactile, its thick texture provides a relaxed feel that adds warmth and subtle sensuality to the room. The heat-set twisted fibers produce a lively movement of colour and texture that’s as durable as it is delightful, while our proprietary combination of dyeing methods creates depth and luminosity.60% Polypropylene 40% Polyester • Machine Woven Frieze Shag Soft, pale shades of bone create gorgeous effects of shadow and light in this thick woven shag. Immensely sensory, it evokes the cool elegance of mid-century modern while welcoming bare feet and a relaxed lifestyle. Neutral has never been more inviting!

  • Machine Woven
  • 40%Polyester,
  • 60% Polypropylene

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Kaleen Traditional Taj TAJ02-40 Area Rug Collection

2. Kaleen Traditional Taj TAJ02-40 Area Rug

The Taj collection is inspired with classic style and traditional patterns that mix beautifully with today’s formal, casual, and transitional décor to complete a forever timeless masterpiece. Hand-tufted in India of 100% wool.
Soft Velvet Finish

  • Hand Serged & Hand Finished
  • Space Dyed Yarns for Added Texture
  • 100% Wool
  • Hand-Tufted

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Barclay Butera Solid/Stripped Bbl2 Oxford OXFD6 Area Rug Collection

1. Barclay Butera Solid/Stripped Bbl2 Oxford OXFD6 Area Rug

Casual elegance with a touch of traditional sophistication describes these handsome signature stripe-style Oxford rugs that are quintessential Barclay Butera. Well-defined stripes made of wool in varying widths with gentle colourways make these rugs the perfect solution for a classic beach house, city pied–Terre, or rustic country home. 100% Wool Loop Pile • Hand Loomed Brilliant seaside imagery in bold bands of navy, sunny yellow, and warm coral. A signature fashion rhythm in stripes of smartly varying widths. Buoyant and bright, uniquely Barclay Butera. Made from pure wool to create the perfect area rug for the beach house, pied-a-terre, or stylish country home.

  • Handmade
  • 100% Wool Loop Pile

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