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Area rugs are an excellent replacement to wall-to-wall carpet, namely because they’re easier to clean. Adding or replacing an area rug is a simple update that can make a big impact on the look of your room. When it comes to using area rugs in your space, there are some necessary rules to recollect. Before buying, look into these area rug do’s and don’ts.


Do Extend Rugs Under Furniture

When choosing an area rug, ensure that it extends under all the furniture item within the space.

In a living room, for instance, all the furniture should get the rug. If this merely is not possible, it’s okay to have the front legs of major furniture pieces on the rug and the back legs off. However, all the legs of smaller furniture items should be on the rug.

In a dining room, the rug should be large enough for the chairs, tables and other articles. A good rule to follow is that the articles and items should be on the rug, even when they’re pulled out from the table.


Don’t Skimp on Size

The mistake people make when decorating with area rugs is getting those rugs that are too small for the space. This is understandable, particularly when you see the worth tags for some of the larger rugs. However, going big now will prevent from replacing one that simply doesn’t work later.


Do Leave Equal Space

Ideally, you must leave the same amount of floor space on all sides of your rug.

Give about a space of eight to 24 inches on all sides of the rug. Eighteen inches is the most common space, but in a smaller area, you can get away with as very little as eight inches. The main goal is to have the rug focused in the space.


Don’t Go Too Small in the Bedroom

What good is an area rug if it doesn’t extend beyond the bed?

You’ll simply end up stepping out onto a cold hard floor in the morning, instead of a soft rug. Make certain to get your measurements right before you go shopping.

Ideally, the rug should be large enough to lengthen beyond the sides of the bed at least 12 inches for a double bed, and at least 18 inches for a queen or king. Always opt for a bigger rug, but these numbers should be the minimums if you want to look for a rug in the bedroom.


Do Cover High-Traffic Areas

Make sure that any heavily trafficked areas are totally covered by the rug you select. When people are walking through, they should not have one foot on the rug and one foot off. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and may cause unusual wear patterns on both the rug and your flooring.


Don’t Be Afraid of Color and Pattern

Area rugs are an excellent way to inject playfulness and fun into space, so embrace color and pattern while searching the rug for your home. There are several inexpensive choices out there so if you choose you do not like it after a couple of years, it is easy to change.


Do Know How to Clean It

Be sure to see the cleaning instructions on any rug before you purchase it. Sisal, jute, and different natural fibre rugs are inexpensive, but they cannot be cleaned so you may need to replace them if there is a big spill.

Find your budget and your choices before shopping for the rug.


Don’t Place Your Best Rugs in Danger

While it’s tempting to position your area rug in a focal point of the house, like your dining space, you may want to think twice about it. It is best to avoid putting overpriced area rugs in areas where there is possibility to get spills and accidents.

Even though they are easier to wash than broadloom carpet, it can still be troublesome to get rid of stains from rugs. Keep this in mind, particularly if you’ve got kids and pets. You cannot always control what your family does over the carpet, therefore it may be best to go with cheap, easy-to-clean choices in the riskiest areas of your home.

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